• The league will consist of 8 teams.
  • Each team will have 7 players ranked from 1 to 7.
  • Each team will play 24 team matches during the regular season.


  • A regular season team match will consist of 5 individual matches.
  • Each individual match will be determined by the best 3 of 5 games.
  • The game scoring system will be point-a-rally (PAR) to 11 and winning by 2 points.
  • Teams are awarded one point for each individual game won during a team match.
  • The team winning three or more individual matches will be awarded 4 additional team points.
  • Players who “no-show” (who are scheduled to play and fail to show at the scheduled time and place without prior notice) will face a possible league suspension for the remainder of the season. A no-show will be considered a default match and be recorded as a 0-3 loss.


  • A player may “challenge up” against a teammate with the next highest ranking in an effort to swap rankings.
  • Once the challenger declares the challenge, a match must be scheduled within the following two weeks.
  • One match will determine the winner, and league scoring rules will be employed.
  • A re-challenge may not be requested for two weeks following the match.


  • Players and spares must be registered members at a Sarnia Riding Club.
  • The cost of the league will be $50 for players drafted to a team. ($20 will be charged to your Riding Club account, and $30 is payable to “Sarnia City Squash League”.)
  • Scheduled players are expected to be ready to play at the start time (5:40 or 8:00). If you are going to be late you must inform your opponent and captain.


  • Each team will appoint responsible representatives as captain and assistant captain and ensure at least one is present for each team match.
  • If a team cannot field 5 players for a match, the team captain must inform the opposing captain before 4:00 p.m. on the day of the match.
  • Captains will be responsible to find a referee for the first matches of the night, after which the winner of the previous match will referee.
  • The home team captain of the early match is responsible for supplying squash balls for the night (team captains will be supplied with balls by the league), score sheets for all 5 individual matches, and a team match score sheet.
  • The captain of the winning team is responsible for submitting completed scores (including team name, players names including ‘spare’ designations, and scores) to
  • A captain with a player unable to play has the option of substituting a spare of equal or lower ranking from their team or the spares list, or defaulting the match as a 0-3 loss.
  • Team captains must notify the stats keeper of a change in player ranking.


  • All players are expected to referee matches. Newer referees are encouraged to assist experienced referees until they feel prepared to referee a match alone.
  • All referees will have the full support and backing of the Sarnia City Squash League Committee regarding all refereeing decisions. (Remember that this is a fun league and that players usually make more errors than referees.)


  • At the end of the regular season the top four teams will play matches as follows:
  • All seven team members will play in playoff team matches.
  • Spares are allowed in the playoffs, however, they must be ranked lower than the one being replaced. (e.g. If your 4 cannot play you may choose a 5 from any team.) Players on the ‘Spare’ list are not eligible. If your 7 can’t play you may substitute any 7 ranked lower in the standings (by Win%) than your 7 in the standings, otherwise that match must default.
  • Playoffs will begin April 12th, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.
  • The championship match will be April 26, 2023 at 6:00 pm.